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Be part of the growing wind industry in North America and supply the business with qualified workers.

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Numbers from The Wind Energy Workforce in the United States: Training, Hiring, and Future Needs, by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy 2019.

Meet the demand of the wind industry

Qualified workers are needed to support growth. Seven in ten wind company representatives say they've had difficulties recruiting qualified workers in North America. By educating qualified wind industry workers, you can fill your classrooms and help grow the domestic wind workforce.  

Five key benefits of GWO Safety Training (PDF)

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"As one of the largest wind power developers in North America RWE sees huge benefit from there being more GWO training providers in the USA and Canada. We have approximately 600 employees in scope for GWO training and our contractor base would be very near 1500. A single set of standards will make us all safer and more productive."
– Adell Heneghan, VP HSE Americas, RWE Renewables, Austin, Texas
"Academic diplomas combined with accredited GWO training increases significantly job prospects and employability of the graduates of these colleges as future workers of the wind industry.’’
– Isabelle Le Beau, Executive Director, Enercon Canada
“When a student calls and says we helped save this person’s life, that’s what it’s all about.  GWO will save somebody’s life.”
Taylor Burnett, Assistant Superintendent, High Plains Technology Center, Woodward, Oklahoma

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From: 4. januar 2019
Quarterly webinar Episode 4: GWO Strategy Launch 2020-2023
From: 4. januar 2019
Quarterly webinar Episode 4: GWO Strategy Launch 2020-2023
From: 4. januar 2019
Quarterly webinar Episode 4: GWO Strategy Launch 2020-2023
From: 4. januar 2019
Quarterly webinar Episode 4: GWO Strategy Launch 2020-2023


Wind energy employers support transition to renewables with new Safety Training Access Programme

The GWO Safety Training Access Programme allows workers to fast track onto GWO refresher courses

Offshore workforce encouraged to renewables with outreach campaign

GWO launches renewable energy transition safety outreach program

GWO training volumes up 56% in North America in the first half of 2020

Several newly established training centres opening their doors and adding capacity to the network

The benefits of becoming a
GWO certified Training Provider  


Demand for qualified workers

The wind industry is expanding and offers many, varied, and well-paying jobs in North America. Attract future students, fill your classrooms, and communicate the exciting options in wind energy

Safety first

GWO standards make working in the wind industry safer and more flexible. Qualified workers with certified training can choose more freely where to work.  

Prepare your students for a future in the wind sector

Employers in the wind industry are requesting standarized training.

Stronger together

You become part of a global network of more than 350 training providers.

Lower costs

Training providers, certified according to GWO criteria, deliver GWO courses and have lower development costs, with the savings passed on to the industry.
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