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GWO training standards
Why training standards?
Already have similar training? 

Why does the industry need GWO standards?

How do GWO standards work?

  1. GWO members create training standards reflecting the risks and hazards their technicians face at work
  2. Training providers, certified according to GWO Requirements, deliver the training
  3. Employers accept the training of GWO-certified technicians, wherever they were trained by looking up their records in WINDA
  4. Employers avoid duplicating training and technicians are available for more productive workdays on site

Improved safety standards

GWO standards have improved the safety of the wind energy workforce
Source: GWO members survey

The GWO framework aligns generic safety and technical training standards, common to all wind energy companies.

GWO members and independent service providers working within the GWO framework agree with the statement that GWO has improved the alignment and quality of basic safety training standards.


GWO members have standardised more than a third of their entry level training
Source: GWO Members' survey

Two thirds of GWO members have standardized over 30% of their entry level training programmes.

As large employers responsible for tens of thousands of wind energy technicians' training, these companies have adopted training standards like the BST and BTT amounting to over two weeks’ instruction at entry-level and have standardized a considerable portion of their training.

Improved workforce productivity

GWO trained workers are more productive
Source: GWO members' survey

Having adopted the GWO framework, reduced duplication of training has improved productivity by allowing technicians to be available for work, in some cases by as much as 5-6 additional work days every year.

A competitive market

Independent training providers keep costs competitive for wind energy companies
Source: GWO members' survey

The GWO global training provider network is providing cost and efficiency gains to owner operators, manufacturers, contractors. As the network grows, employers benefit from increased competition.

Supply chain alignment and contract certainty

GWO Training is a contractual expectation for wind energy projects
Source: GWO members' survey

GWO standards are established as contractual pre-requisite in the wind energy supply chain, helping align the safety training activities of all contractors.