WINDA - Wind Industry Database

For Participants

Everyone taking a GWO training course must create a profile in WINDA.

By creating a profile, you will receive a WINDA ID. The WINDA ID is given to the training provider before completing the training so they can create your training record.

Uploads, WINDA ID and more


When you have successfully completed a GWO Training course, your Training Provider will upload the record of the completed course into WINDA. It is therefore necessary that you have created a profile in WINDA and supplied the Training Provider with your unique ID.

When you show up for a training course in the GWO training standards, you must always remember to bring government issued ID such as a driver's license or passport as well as your WINDA ID.


The WINDA ID is your unique identification number. All participants must provide their WINDA ID prior to leaving the Training Provider after passing a Training Module, if they wish to have their training accepted by GWO.

Participants will have to create a profile in WINDA in order to receive a WINDA ID. The process is automated and instantaneous and the same WINDA ID follows you through your career in the wind industry.

The WINDA ID is a unique, random and system generated number which serves as the main Participant identification. It is therefore important that you always keep your WINDA profile active and up to date and supply employers and Training Providers with your ID when requested.

Training records

You must only register for one profile in WINDA. If you have multiple WINDA accounts, the Training Provider will not be able to upload records to each account and your accounts may be closed without warning by GWO.

You can view your own training records in WINDA and print a copy of them. The printed copy is not valid as a certificate but it provides your employer with the option to enter the WINDA ID on the certificate and confirm the details.

You are also able to search for other participant's training records if they have provided you with their WINDA ID.

Any records of training that have been completed prior to October 17, 2016 will not be added to your profile. Therefore, You will still need to present your certificate to your employers until you attend the refresher course which will then be added to your profile in WINDA.

How do I access WINDA?

You need to sign in or register as a participant at via the “Register” option. Choose to be registered in WINDA as a participant and fill out the required information.

Once you have submitted your details, you will automatically be sent an e-mail requesting you to set up the account.

Expiry of certificates and profile

If you are not active on your account for 48 months, the account will expire. Users will automatically be notified by email when either records are about to expire or when the account is about to expire. Please log in to your account on a regular basis to avoid expiry. GWO will not be able to reactivate expired accounts and all historical data will be lost.

Please note – you will need to confirm acceptance of privacy notice and applicable Terms & Conditions for access and use of WINDA before the account can be fully set up and upload of records are allowed.

Further information

Please contact GWO by e-mail at