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WINDA for Auditors

Starting 6th September 2021, auditors are required to be registered on WINDA. During the following two years, auditor and training providers will migrate their GWO  records and formal documentation transfer (audits and certifications) onto WINDA. Auditor will have a key role in verifying training providers who must now have their WINDA registration associated with their GWO auditor. For new training providers, joining after 6th September 2021, establishing an auditor relationship through a certification body  is a prerequisite for WINDA registration.

How to access WINDA

Before accessing WINDA for the first time, auditors need to be registered at via a previously registered certification body user account. Using a certification body user account, log in and click on the 'create user' button. Select 'New Auditor' user and fill in the usual personal details. In addition upload relevant ISO/OHSAS documentation and GWO Auditor Qualification Training (AQT) certificate and validity dates. Clicking on the create user button will trigger an automated email to the auditor's email. The auditor then has 48 hours to review the account details, create a user name and password for the account before clicking activate.  GWO will then review and approve the account. Once the account is active, the auditor will be notified again.  By logging in the auditor can then view their profile, create a training provider user profile, view training providers list, view completed audits and provide a new audit report.

Please note: private email addresses such as; hotmail, gmail, yahoo etc. are not acceptable when registering as an auditor in WINDA.

Profile expiry.

A certification body profile must additionally include at least one auditor user profile. Failure to undertake the require number of audits as described in GWO's Requirement for Certification will lead to the suspension of the audit’s WINDA registration. Before expiry GWO will alert the account holder to the need to take action. Once expired GWO will not be able to reactivate the account.

Providing audits and tracking audit requirements.

The WINDA database is where training providers and auditors interact and administer audit records and certificates. From 6th September 2021 auditors can administer records and check audit status using the WINDA Audit Table. To access the WINDA Audit Table log into WINDA. Access to the Audit Table is via clicking on the 'Audits' icon or selecting 'Audit' in the upper menu.

The Audits Table shows all completed audits and all audit requirements for each training providers' certificates. The full population of the Audit Table will occur over the course of the two year transition period starting 6th September 2021. Existing processes can be used in parallel during these two years with audit records and certificates migrated to WINDA in a timely way.

The Audit Table allows auditors additional functionalities such as:

Audit certificate download

Audit status review including  completion date and other key dates such as renewal date

Expires soon automatic notifications, supplemented by email notifications

Reminders to retake Auditor Qualification training

WINDA 3.2 and transition period

During a two year transition period, starting 6th September 2021, auditors must transition their certifications and audits for training providers in a timely manner linked to their regular audit cycles.