WINDA - Wind Industry Database

For Employers

To an employer, WINDA has one primary function, which is to look up and verify training records of employees and contracted wind technicians.  To be able to verify the status of an individual's training an employer must first create a profile in WINDA.

Look up training and more

All course participants, who have successfully completed a GWO training course, will have a record of that training module uploaded into WINDA by the GWO certified training provider. Only employers with a WINDA profile can see the training records of WINDA registered wind technicians. To do this technicians must give the employer their personal WINDA ID as a reference.

Training records

Employers need only register one organisation profile in WINDA to search for an individual's training record. Further administrator user profiles may be created within one employer account. If an employer abuses a WINDA in any way, or GWO suspects malicious intent, its account may be closed without warning and its IP address blocked from WINDA.

Employers can view participants' training records in WINDA as well as print a copy of them. The printed copy is not valid as a stand-alone certificate.

Training completed prior to October 17, 2016 is not available in WINDA and a participant must instead present their certificates that were issued by their Training Provider.


The WINDA ID is a unique, system-generated, random number for general identification purposes. Employers (as well as, training  providers, auditors, and certification bodies) receive a WINDA ID in return for creating a profile in WINDA. The approval process is automated and, for organisations like employers, instantaneous. All course participants must provide their WINDA ID to their training provider if they wish to have their training accepted by GWO and its members. It is important that profile users keep their WINDA profile active and up to date because the same WINDA ID will we viewed on many occasions.

Once an organisations has registered on WINDA and received a WINDA ID, it can search for up to 100 WINDA ID's simultaneously in the search field.

Searching for  larger number of records is possible using an API. For technical specifications to develop an API function, please contact the GWO secretariat at Please note GWO is unable to contribute to API costs.

How do you access WINDA?

You need to sign in or register as an organisation at via the “Register” option.

Please make sure that you do not register with your own personal/free email address. Only company adresses will be allowed to register as an organisation in WINDA. Use of email address such as hotmail, gmail, yahoo etc. are not allowed to create an organisation profile.

Once you have submitted your details, you will automatically be sent an e-mail requesting you to set up the account.

Expiry of your profile

If you are not active on your account for 48 months, your account will expire. You will automatically be notified in advance when your account is about to expire. Please log in to your account on a regular basis to avoid expiry. GWO will not be able to reactivate expired accounts.

Further information

Please contact GWO by e-mail at