WINDA - Wind Industry Database

For Training Providers

Only GWO certified training providers who fulfil the requirements of the GWO Criteria for Training are eligible and in turn required to use WINDA.

For training providers, WINDA has one primary function, which is to upload training records of delegates who have passed a GWO training module.

WINDA can also complement existing management systems to keep track of delegates' training by verifying their training status.

Uploads and WINDA ID

Uploading records

Training providers can upload records in the GWO safety training standards to which they have been certified.

After a participant has passed a training module, their training provider must upload the following information within 10 working days either as a single upload or using the bulk upload option:

  • The participant’s WINDA ID
  • Course code/WINDA code
  • Course completion date
  • If the course is a refresher course, the previous certificate's "valid until" date must also be uploaded
  • Training facility type

All data entered into WINDA must be in English.

To upload multiple records, we recommend using the bulk upload option. The bulk upload function uses a CSV. file format. A standard template is available, fill it out and upload the records to WINDA. If uploading or searching for large numbers of records we recommend using an API. For technical specifications to develop personal API functions, please contact the GWO secretariat at GWO is unable to contribute to API costs.


The WINDA ID is a participants' unique, system-generated random number for general identification purposes. To comply with international data protection and privacy rules, participants themselves must create a personal profile in WINDA to obtain a WINDA ID. After inputting some personal information the WINDA profile creation process is automated and instantaneous.

All course participants must provide their WINDA ID to their training provider if they wish to have their training accepted by GWO and its members. It is important that participants keep their WINDA profile active and up to date because the same WINDA ID will follow them through their career in the wind industry.

Credits and more


You must pre-purchase credits in order to upload records into WINDA. Credits can be purchased in WINDA when you are logged into your WINDA profile. One credit equals one record upload.

  • When you deliver a GWO course (module), a record of the training must be uploaded to WINDA. The fee for this transaction is calculated according to the United Nations Human Development Index on an individual country-by-country basis.
  • The price for uploading a record to WINDA ranges from approximately €5.50 to €9.50 for each module. WINDA automatically calculates the fee according to each training provider's registered location. Click here for a price list for WINDA Credits.
  • For example, if a training provider is based in the United States of America, the 2020 WINDA Upload fee is €9.20 per module. 3 x GWO modules (eg Working at Height, First Aid and Manual Handling), would result in a cost of 3 x €9.20 = €27.60

How do you access WINDA?

How do you access WINDA?

From 6th September 2021, new Training Providers are required to be registered on WINDA by their associated GWO approved auditor.  Auditors, and in turn, their Certification Bodies will work together with new Training Providers in this process which requires a valid audit certificate and other elements contained within the  GWO Requirements for Training Providers.  Once the Training Provider application has been submitted by the Auditor, GWO will review and verify the Training Provider as GWO certified. At this point GWO will send an e-mail requesting account activation which much occur with 48 hours. This process allows Training Providers to adjust  and check details.   At this stage Training Providers will also need to confirm acceptance of the applicable fees, Data Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions for access and use of WINDA before the account can be fully set up and uploads to WINDA are allowed. All fees must also have been paid for activation to occur.

After account activation the Training Provider administrator can invite other internal users to the training provider's WINDA account. At this point, WINDA access and editorial settings may also be adjusted, such as whether or not a particular user is allowed to upload records and purchase credits. The ability  to access and upload records into WINDA is only available to GWO certified Training Providers with a certificate on file at the GWO secretariat.

After 6th of September 2021 there is a two year, interim phase when existing GWO certified Training Providers' WINDA profiles are linked to relevant Auditors. This will typically coincide with existing  certification cycles.

Training providers must register one Training Provider profile for each 'fixed training site' in WINDA. From 6 September, 2021 'mobile training facilities' may share a WINDA profile with fixed sites.

Working with audits

Who is responsible for providing audits in WINDA?

GWO training providers are audited at regular intervals by GWO certified auditors. Starting from 6th September 2021 (with a two year transition period)  GWO's WINDA platform will become the core record and document transfer hub for training provider and auditor certificates. From this date, new training providers must be registered on WINDA by their associated auditors. Existing training providers and auditors will together migrate certification processes in a timely way over during the transition period.

The audit table lies at the heart of training provider/ auditor interaction

At the core of the training provider and auditor interaction on the WINDA platform is the audits table. A training provider can use their individual audit table to see all completed audits (uploaded after September 6th 2021) and audit status for each certificate. The audit table allows training providers and auditors can search using  WINDA ID, name, certificate number, audit type (certification, recertification , surveillance or extension), audit document name or auditor name. As well as a record of audits the audit table is an interface to upload/download documents (such as audit reports) track audits and approval status. There are also built in reminders, for example 2 months before the deadline for surveillance/recertification, a record's status will change to "Expires soon" and an email notification will be sent to auditors as well as training providers.

What audits are needed?

To be a GWO certified training provider, the organisation must be  audited  by an accredited auditor via a GWO approved certification body. The full process requires an initial audit followed by annual audits for surveillance (initial) and surveillance (re-certification), as detailed GWO's Requirement for Training Providers. Training providers and approved audits will discuss the exact audit formats and requirements as preliminaries to audits and (re-)certification. Existing certified training providers wishing to extend the range of GWO training modules delivered need an extension audit.

Transfer of certificate

Training providers may transfer certificates from one certification body to another during the certificate life cycle in accordance with the current revision of IAF MD 2- “IAF Mandatory Document for the Transfer of Accredited Certification of Management Systems”. Both certification bodies are required to inform GWO of this change using the WINDA platform.

Expiry of your profile

If you are not active on your account for 24 months your account will expire. You will automatically be notified in advance when your account is about to expire. Please log in to your account on a regular basis to avoid expiry. GWO will not be able to reactivate expired accounts.

Please note – all Training Providers will need to confirm acceptance of the applicable fees, Data Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions for access and use of WINDA before the account can be fully set up and uploads are allowed.



As a GWO certified Training Provider, you are responsible for informing your internal administrators, who may have responsibility for bookings and uploading records, as well as your customers. You are best placed to know how and when to inform your customers – but you are encouraged to inform them at the time of booking about WINDA and that they need to register in WINDA as a Participant and provide you with their WINDA ID.

Further information

Please contact GWO by e-mail at

Fee structure

WINDA is free to use for participants and Organisation users. Training Providers are subject to pay applicable fees.

Annual Licensing Fee

The Annual Licensing fee will grant Training Providers the right to use the GWO logo in accordance with the Terms of Use, have their location displayed on the map of Training Providers on and get access to WINDA.

The Annual Licensing fee is set at 650 Euro per certified training site.

Training Providers will not be allowed access to WINDA until payment of the annual licensing fee has been received by the GWO secretariat.

Training records upload fee

Training Providers are required to upload a training record when a participant has completed a training module.

The training record must be uploaded using prepaid credits in WINDA.

As described in point 7.4 in the WINDA Terms & Conditions, Training Providers must not have any outstanding debt to GWO.

If you want to purchase 500 or more credits and receive an invoice, please write to, including your company name, VAT number and desired number of credits. You are welcome to place an order in advance of registering for your Training Provider account.

The Annual Licensing Fee is invoiced. Credits in WINDA are purchased by credit card.

The following credit cards are accepted in WINDA.