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Training Committee

GWO members strive for an injury free work environment in the wind turbine industry, through cooperation among the members, who set common standards for safety training and emergency procedures.

The GWO Training Committee supports this aim by:

  • Driving the development and implementation of new GWO training standards for the wind industry
  • Reviewing, maintaining and updating existing GWO training standards to ensure accuracy and validity
  • Communicating benefits and business case from improved efficiency and effectiveness of GWO training
  • Monitoring and evaluating quality of training provision and certification to drive up standards of training
  • Supporting the GWO Secretariat in responding to training queries from GWO members, training providers and other stakeholders

In Q2 2022, the Training Committee has prioritised its work towards the following initiatives:

  • Entry-level technician skills framework

The GWO Training Committee initiated this new project in Q1, 2022 with the title "Entry-level" technician skills framework. This project is still in its early phases but is intended to develop a standardized entry-level technician framework that will establish a transparent and valid set of skills for identified entry-level technician roles in the wind industry. This framework will thereby enable the industry to recognize already acquired knowledge and skills, allow people working within other industries to assess their knowledge and skills gaps and upskill as required to move into the wind industry and provide an established path in terms of education for new starters who wants to begin their career the wind industry.

  • GWO Instructor Qualification Training Framework (IQT)

In order to address the constant challenge of achieving consistent execution of quality training, GWO intends to create a globally agreed and achievable instructor qualification training (IQT) framework. This will help to increase quality by supporting training providers that either do not have their own instructor framework, or are unsure as to what is needed to deliver GWO training from an instructor competency perspective. This will offer more focused and effective training through the use of the GWO Taxonomy, and provide an industry instructor qualification benchmark based on the end users' needs.

  • GWO Sea Survival update

This update aims to ensure the Sea Survival module is fully aligned with the risks and hazards facing technicians in the wind industry today, considering all current practical exercises. This will offer greater clarity on how to complete the practical exercises.

  • Generic Crane & Chain Hoist Training Standard

Following successful launch of the generic Lift  Training Standard in April 2022, GWO members have prioritized a single generic training for technicians using crane and chain hoist equipment. The objective is to design a minimum viable product for the standard, including User, Maintenance and Inspection modules. Similar to the Lift Training Standard, the wind industry will be able to use and recognise an industry aligned certification for crane and chain hoist training, where previously they would have to verify several other types of training. Employees will no longer require retraining when moving from site to site or to another company/employer.

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Ann Duedahl

Chair of the GWO Training Committee
Global Learning Leader, GE Renewable Energy
Ann has been working with GWO actively in the Training Committee since 2014 with SGRE, and has been Chair of the Training Committee since 2022

Thor Inge Throndsen

Vice Chair, GWO Training Committee
HSE Manager for North Sea Offshore Wind Operations, Equinor.
Thor has more than 30 years' experience in different HSE roles in the energy industry. He joined Equinor (Statoil) in 1996 and started in offshore wind in 2018. He worked for the Norweigian Petroleum Safety Authorities from 1990-96.

Guo Chengyin

Member of the GWO Training Committee
Safety Management Department Supervisor Goldwind Science & Technology Co., LTD.

Bente Boa

Member of the GWO Training Committee
Head of Learning and Development, Off-Shore Wind, Ørsted

Marco Roverato

Member of the GWO Training Committee
HSE Manager, Cubico Sustainable Investments

Ma Chunling

Member of the GWO Training Committee
Supervisor of Offshore Wind Training Center Goldwind Science & Technology Co. LTD

Kjell Wassermann

Member of the GWO Training Committee
Global Head of Training Quality, Vestas

Heiko Post

Member of GWO Training Committee
Product Manager Training, ENERCON Service Deutschland GmbH

Sandra Sarkute-Nielsen

Member of GWO Training Committee
Team Lead, Training Instructional Design, Siemens Gamesa

Jose Alba Perez

Member of the GWO Training Committee
Head of O&M Wind - Operation and Maintenance, ENEL