About GWO

The GWO Secretariat

Jakob Lau Holst

Jakob became Chief Executive of GWO in 2016. He is responsible for maintaining the association's governance structure, supporting our membership of windpower companies and driving the industry's adoption of standardised training across the globe.

Søren Sejer Gøtzsche

Operations Manager
Søren has worked with GWO Since 2015 and is responsible for the association's Audit & Compliance secretariat functions. He is also GWO's lead on WINDA, the global training certification and verification database.

Haben Zekarias

Project Manager
Haben joined in May 2017 to help guide the creation and maintenance of GWO training standards. She liaises with our Training Committee and Working Groups, to ensure a frictionless and collaborative working environment for all stakeholders.

Jakob Bjørn Nielsen

Head of Standards Development
Jakob Bjørn manages and develops the GWO training standards portfolio. He previously held training leadership roles at both MHI Vestas and Siemens Windpower before joining GWO in 2017.

Broder Illing

Risk Manager
Broder joined GWO in 2018 to lead the association's strategic and operational risk function. His responsibilities include developing GWO's organisational practices as well as regulatory and compliance duties such as data privacy.

Ralph Savage

Head of Communication
Ralph joined in 2018 to support GWO's promotion of safety training standards in the wind energy sector. He is experienced in strategic communications having worked with various global corporates as a consultant following a career in journalism.

Sandra Rieck

Office Assistant
Sandra joined GWO in June 2018 to provide support for the WINDA user community, Secretariat projects and administration. She previously worked at Siemens A/S and has expertise in project management, marketing and sales.