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The wind industry is growing fast, be one 142,000 new wind technicians needed globally by 2026

Power your career into the future with a trade that can take you anywhere in the world
A wind turbine can seem complicated, but starting a career in wind doesn’t need to be
Wind technicians are in high demand globally. Empower afuture that’s truly sustainable with training that’s truly renewable
Transform your passion for sustainability into the skills to construct and maintain wind turbines with GWO training


The wind industry is fast-growing and mechanical engineering skills are in high demand so it seemed like a great option.

Jack, 29 United Kingdom

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Keep it local’ provides technical knowledge to the residents, creating awareness in the community for development in Caiçara

Amora Viera Cavalcante, Brasil

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Military transition has never been easier

Vestas and EDPR get behind jobs programme in Brazil’s remote North-East

One of the defining characteristics of northeastern Brazil’s status as a prime location for wind farms is also causing problems in recruiting local talent. Now, thanks to a new programme called ‘Keep it Local’ 25 residents of Caiçara do Rio do Vento are being trained in GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) and are on the pathway to begin new careers in wind.

Workrise Technologies Achieves GWO Certification

The trend continues for proven standardized training across the wind industry

Tech Safety Lines Combines Specialized Training and Patented Equipment for Wind Technicians

Tech Safety Lines adds GWO safety training for its customers… and more

Colorado builds capabilities to meet the industry’s growth

From rescue in snow… to safety in wind

New College Institute

Offers the combination of GWO certified Basic Safety (BST) and Basic Technical Training (BTT)

Wind Academy by Siemens Gamesa Opens Opportunities for Renewable Energy Careers

First classes begin in May 2021 and offer proven, verifiable GWO training

With GWO training, technicians get ‘a leg up on their careers’

With GWO training, technicians get ‘a leg up on their careers’

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