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Safety Without Borders
A three year strategy to establish standardized safety training in all wind markets
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Training standards for a safer and more productive workforce

Global Wind Organisation is a non-profit body founded by leading wind turbine manufacturers and operators

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Member organisations

GWO standards are created by the industry, for the industry. Our members are globally leading turbine manufacturers and owners, representing a majority of installed wind energy capacity around the world. Together, they share risk information and expertise to create training standards that improve safety and build a competent workforce.

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Safety training standards

GWO members strive for an injury free work environment in the wind turbine industry, setting common international standards for safety training and emergency procedures.

An estimated 10% of the global wind workforce is now trained according to GWO standards.

GWO training standards explained

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GWO Trained Workforce


nationalities trained in 42 countries


certified training sites

380+ training providers worldwide

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Core benefits of GWO standards


Eight out of ten members agree GWO has raised safety training standards across the industry


GWO technicians are available for up to 6 days more each year than staff trained outside the GWO framework agreement


¾ of GWO members have standardized 30% or more of their entry level training

Local sourcing

300+ training providers are certified to deliver GWO training in over 40 countries

Supply chain alignment

GWO has become a contractual expectation up and down the supply chain

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