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Understand the Requirements

To deliver training to GWO's Standards and Frameworks, training providers must be certified by a GWO approved certification body listed on the GWO website.

These requirements have been developed in cooperation between members of GWO and a variety of other stakeholders from the wind industry. 

The Requirements for Certification document contains:

  • resources and references certified GWO training providers need to deliver training to GWO Standards and Frameworks.
  • resources prospective training providers need prior to becoming certified to deliver training to GWO Standards and Frameworks.
  • details on the stages of audit processes needed to become certified and maintain certification to train to GWO Standards and Frameworks.
  • information on the management systems and supporting processes certification bodies must use and maintain.
  • governance structures covering certification bodies' relationships with training providers, auditors and GWO's Secretariat.

The requirements must be followed by all certification bodies when auditing GWO training providers.