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China Committee

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The GWO China Committee was established in February 2017 and is responsible for introducing GWO standards to China.

The committee meets twice annually and is attended by current members, in particular major manufacturers and operators from the region such as GoldWind, Envision Energy, Shanghai Electric, GE and Vestas. In addition, other Chinese stakeholders such as China General Certification engage with the committee on a regular basis.

This regional committee works alongside the main GWO committees and has the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Review standards to ensure local compliance, and propose any changes through the Training and Audit & Compliance Committees
  • Assist the Audit and Compliance Committee
  • Identify regional stakeholders and develop communication plan

Ma Chunling

Ma Chunling

Member of the GWO Board of Directors and Chair of the China Committee
Supervisor of Offshore Wind Training Center Goldwind Science & Technology Co. LTD
Ma Chun Ling has represented Goldwind as a member of GWO since 2019. She is responsible for the OEM's GWO training centres in the region and was elected to the Board of Directors in 2023.
Howard Xie

Howard Xie

Member of the GWO Board of Directors and Vice Chair of China Committee
Global EHS Director & Compliance Commissioner, Envision Energy
Howard is an EHS Director responsible for the Envision Global Project, service and hydrogen. He is also a Compliance Commissioner for Envision international business regions. He has represented the company on various committees since 2018 and was elected to the GWO Board of Directors in 2023.