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China Committee

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The GWO China Committee was established in February 2017 and is responsible for introducing GWO standards to China.

The committee meets twice annually and is attended by current members, in particular major manufacturers and operators from the region such as GoldWind, Envision Energy, Shanghai Electric, GE and Vestas. In addition, other Chinese stakeholders such as China General Certification engage with the committee on a regular basis.

This regional committee works alongside the main GWO committees and has the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Review standards to ensure local compliance, and propose any changes through the Training and Steering Committees
  • Assist the Audit and Compliance Committee
  • Identify regional stakeholders and communication plan
Elected committee roles:
  • GWO China Committee Chair:

Links the China Committee with the GWO Executive Committee and Secretariat. The role of the chair is to convene meetings and facilitate consensus building.

  • GWO Training Committee, China lead representative:

Evaluates GWO standards against Chinese regulations and proposes necessary adaptations if any are required. Feeds into the work of the GWO Training Committee, and takes lead in new training standards development arising from special Chinese needs.

  • GWO Audit and Compliance, China lead representative:

Participates and/or provides input to monthly teleconference of GWOs Audit and Compliance Committee to ensure a Chinese perspective. Assists in investigating non-conformity reports within the region, and performs on-site audits if non-conformity reports cannot be resolved by other means

Qin Haiyan

Chair, GWO China Committee
General Secretary, China Wind Energy Association, vice-chairman of IECRE, Vice Chairman of WWEA and Director of China General Certification
Qin has over 25 years experience in the field of renewable energy certification, testing and inspection, and has been engaged in wind, solar and other renewable energy policies development and technology research.

Yu Hui

Chinese Wind Energy Association
Deputy, China Committee