The success and impact of GWO instructors is always something to celebrate

Let's Hear It For Instructors!

Ahhh! The unmistakable sound of Instructors' Moments

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Watch instructor share their Instructors' Moments

Worldwide 2,900 GWO instructors delivers safety and technical training in over 55 countries

Let’s celebrate GWO instructors who together ensure that the over 160,000 training participants taking GWO certified course each year get the safety and technical training they need.

Keeping fresh and engaged isn’t always easy, but moment by moment, GWO instructors keep on making a difference. Moments that unfold in the interplay between the instructor and the participant. Investing in your instructional skills is the pathway to multiplying Instructors' Moments and experiencing more instances of profound connection. Find out more about how GWO is celebrating instructors through our occasional newsletters.

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Get more “Ahhhs!”

That moment when a training participant grasps the intricacies of a tool or technique, and both instructor and participant share a smile of learning. Instructors’ Moments are born from a blend of experience, knowledge, self-reflection, and an unyielding passion to empower renewable energy technicians.

With your help and the expanding need for training across the world GWO wants to create more Instructors’ Moments, more often and in more ways. Tell us about your "Ahhhs!" here.

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Boost Your Skills and Get More Instructors' Moments

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Core Resources

Looking to become a better instructor and get more Instructors' Moments? The following resources are here to help build your career.

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How Can I Become a Better Instructor?

GWO offer two pathways to initial instructor development, the classic, ‘POCD’ method and the Instructor Qualification Process (IQP). Which one works best for you? See GWO's Requirements for Training document for more information

Building a new instructor team but limited in-house instructor training capacity/competency
Competitive pressure from other training providers means opportunities for instructor skills sharing is challenging
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What instructor development pathway is right for me?

Take our quick test to find the next steps to developing your instructor competencies.

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I regularly update my teaching and technical skills
GWO teaching is my primary area of practice
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Lower scores (0-10)
Prospective or inexperienced instructor
GWO’s Requirements for Training describe the prerequisites to becoming a GWO Instructor
Recommend GWO IQT then POCD or IQP to becoming a GWO instructor
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Moderate scores (11-20)
Experienced GWO instructor
GWO’s Instructor Qualification development offers a structured approach to instructor development
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Are You a Highly Experienced GWO Instructor?

As well as boosting prospective instructors and inexperienced instructors’ competencies GWO is working with highly experienced GWO instructors to become leaders in the development of further instructors. If you would like to be one of these instructor trainers and meet the prerequisites for an IQTT course (see IQ Standard  for details) please follow this button to our Events page and application form below.

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