Audit & Compliance


What can you complain about?

GWO can only consider complaints regarding issues within its own scope. That includes complaints about:

  • training where safety is compromised
  • deviation from training standards
  • non-compliance with the Requirements for Training
  • non-compliance with the Requirements for Certification
  • violation of the GWO Code of Conduct

GWO will not investigate complaints which fall outside the scope of the GWO mandate.

How to raise a formal complaint

GWO advises first contacting the subject of the complaint to attempt to resolve the matter directly.

  • Contact GWO only after exhausting the direct approach.  A formal complaint may be raised by clicking on the form (button below) and filling out the requested information.
  • A complaint should be made as soon as possible after the date of occurrence.
  • In the form, please provide GWO with a clear summary of the complaint along with all documentary evidence and any communication you have had with the subject of the complaint.
  • All information provided should be limited to the facts of the case.
  • If the complaint concerns a GWO violation of GWO's own code of Conduct please use the form in the first instance and complete as fully as possible.

Raise a complaint with GWO