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Organisational Structure

The highest authority within GWO is the General Assembly in which all members are represented. The General Assembly meets twice a year during March or April, and a strategy session in September/October. In these sessions, the members will formally agree on work plans for coming years and will elect Chairs of the Association and the Committees.

GWO’s current Articles of Association established the Executive Committee (ExCo) to oversee the operational aspects of the association's work and to ensure coordination between the committees.

The ExCo has a chair and two vice chairs who occupy their elected roles for two years, with the vice chair terms overlapping. Chairs of the other committees are represented in the ExCo as ordinary members.

The Training Committee drives standardisation work and prepares decisions on reviews of new standards going forward.

The Audit and Compliance Committee drives improved governance and quality assurance of the training provider network, as well as performing a compliance function for the association.

Regional and special committees operate in key markets, to promote recognition of GWO standards in these regions, and to ensure that the global standards align and can co-exist with regional and national legal requirements.