Audit & Compliance


If you have experienced unacceptable behaviour (as described in more detail below) from a GWO Secretariat employee, an active member representative in one of the GWO Committees or GWO working groups you may report this confidentially through GWO's whistleblower portal. This can be accessed via the button at the bottom of this page which links to a confidential third party website. All cases will be handled by BDO, a third party supplier, independent of GWO.

Use of the whistleblower portal

Use the whistleblowing portal to report serious offences, offences or other serious issues regarding behaviours (or your suspicions of these). Safety issues especially those relating to an immediate unsafe situation should not be reported here.

Use the whistleblowing portal to report:

  • Serious and/or criminal offences such as theft, embezzlement, fraud, bribery, corruption, accounting fraud/ manipulation, improper use of assets, misuse of financial resources, etc.
  • Serious issues relating to discrimination, violence, assault and harassment.
  • Serious violation of GWO´s Code of Conduct

By completing a whistleblowing report knowledge of the activity, or reasonable suspicion, is assumed. To the extent possible, the behaviour shall be documented by attaching relevant documents in digital form. All information is treated confidentially and with discretion.

If a report is to remain anonymous, it is essential that no contact information (name, email address, telephone number, etc.) is provided and that the reporting person should remove metadata from files when attaching documentation, and assuring that such documents cannot be traced directly back to them.

Should an investigation be subject to a criminal investigation by an external body, eg the police, GWO may be forced to disclose the identity of the reporting person if GWO is aware of it.