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Worldwide influence in safety and training

GWO membership is available to globally leading manufacturers and owners of wind turbines. As legal dutyholders, these companies have the greatest responsibility for workforce safety.

To enquire about becoming a member of GWO, contact our secretariat

Benefits of membership:

  • Join the industry’s only international association focused on safety and training
  • Create and influence the adoption of safety standards worldwide
  • Foster unique professional relationships

The GWO Framework Agreement

In order to become a member of GWO, an organisation must sign the GWO Framework Agreement which requires:

• Participation in the GWO Steering Committee to decide strategy and action plans
• Application of GWO standards wherever relevant and possible

A GWO member will allocate subject matter experts from their company to:

All members of GWO accept training conducted by a GWO certified training provider. The training provider must demonstrate its compliance with the GWO Criteria for Training Providers by holding a certificate, issued by a certification body in accordance with the GWO Criteria for Certification Bodies.

All members of GWO acknowledge that beside national legal requirements, companies can set extra requirements to those outlined in the GWO Basic Safety Training.

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