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Worldwide influence in safety and training

Leading Members are renewable energy companies representing at least 1,000 employees in renewable energy or at least 1,000MW power capacity installed, under installation and/or where planning, consenting and licensing has been given. As legal duty holders, these companies have the greatest responsibility for workforce safety.

To enquire about becoming a member of GWO, contact our secretariat

Benefits of membership:

  • Join the industry’s only international association focused on safety training and workforce development
  • Create and influence the adoption of safety standards worldwide
  • Foster unique professional relationships

GWO members' commitment

In order to become a member of GWO, an organisation must sign accordance with the GWO Articles of Association and commit to supporting The Main Objective: to strive for a safe and injury free work environment in the wind industry.

  1. Member Companies commit to supporting Global Wind Organisation and to help achieve The Main Objective
  2. Member companies support GWO's core values of collaboration to achieve The Main Objective. The Member Company will collaborate with other GWO members and stakeholders for example by committing resources such as subject matter experts to participate in the development of training standards.
  3. Member companies commit to using and recognising GWO training standards whenever appropriate for work functions pertaining to the wind energy industry

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