April 13, 2023

Update on Standards and Releases

Dates for your calendar from May 2nd onwards

GWO traditionally provides twice-yearly releases of standards and updates in April and October. In recent years we have pivoted to an ‘Agile’ approach. This year, GWO’s schedule of releases has a strong emphasis on 2nd May and then continues through Q3 2023.

2nd May 2023, Basic Technical Training Standard V8 Released

  • Launch of new Bolt Tightening Module (BTTB) within BTT to improve the safety and quality of bolt tightening using energy powered tools and accessories in the wind industry.
  • Three safety lessons removed from BTT which had been transferred to Control of Hazardous Energies (CoHE) Standard have been reintroduced. BTT now includes the provision that these lessons may be skipped if the participant maintains a CoHE record.

2nd May 2023, BST Working at Heights and aligned modules (ART, ART-R, BST, BSTR, BSTR-P, Lift and WLA. Various version numbers)

  • Following initial GWO safety advice in December 2022, GWO has (with the help of a specially convened working group) further reviewed the interlocking safety issues relating to correct specification of equipment used when working at height.
  • New versions of these standards with updated modules will be release with detailed guidance available on the changes in addition to a full change log in each standard.

Also launching 2nd May are the latest versions of GWO’s Requirements for Training (V 13, previously referred to as ‘Requirements for Training Providers’) and Requirements for Certification (V12, previously referred to as Requirements for Certification Bodies’). These versions accommodate changes coming up from the community with an emphasis on responding to new technologies and the practical application of the multi-site certification scheme launched in October 2022.

The May releases will be published with a fresh new look for GWO that responds to user requests for more clarity and improved navigation. While the emphasis is on usability, GWO has also taken the opportunity to review preambles and similar shared elements to bring great coherence across the suite. As always, these changes are fully described in each standard’s change log.

GWO’s Crane and Hoist standard is aimed at basic crane user operating the most common small hoists and cranes (less than 8 t/m) in the wind industry such as nacelle and davit cranes. This launch is now expected 1st July with a follow up webinar scheduled for late summer.  

Autumn/Winter 2023 will see the release of the GWO Instructor Qualification Training (IQT) framework which focusses on ways to deliver higher numbers of qualified wind technician instructors. The piloting stage of this is continuing across four continents to capture the experience and assessments of as many instructors on how best to tackle the shortage of industry ready instructors. The clear objective of IQT is to supplement existing qualification processes.