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WINDA is an acronym for Wind Industry Database and is operated by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO)

WINDA is a global database designed with the primary purpose of assuring the status of GWO certified Training Providers and Delegates who have attended GWO certified training courses.

WINDA operates with three user profiles:

  • Training Providers are able to upload records of Delegates and use WINDA to complement existing site management systems.
  • Employers are able to use WINDA to verify the current training status of Delegates.
  • Delegates are able to access personal verified information on the status and validity of training courses completed, e.g. to demonstrate their training status to current and future employers.

WINDA/Delegate ID

The WINDA/Delegate ID is the delegate’s unique personal identification number.

All delegates must provide their WINDA/Delegate ID to their training provider, if they wish to have their training accepted by GWO and its members. Only delegates will receive a WINDA/Delegate ID when they create a profile in WINDA.

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