February 12, 2022

Workrise Technologies Achieves GWO Certification

The trend continues for proven standardized training across the wind industry

Workrise Technologies Inc., an independent service provider to the wind industry, is now a Global Wind Organisation certified training provider delivering the basic safety and technical modules to its workers at its training center based in Broomfield, Colorado.

“The industry as a whole is shifting to GWO standardized training,” said Eric Garcia, Training and Development Project Manager for Workrise. “We want to be in the lead with a well-trained and experienced team. All new technicians hired receive the basic safety and basic technical training, and other personalized training.”

The modules delivered to Workrise technicians include safety training in first aid, fire awareness, manual handling and working at heights, with technical training including mechanical, electrical and hydraulics. The company is adding GWO advanced rescue training early in 2022 and is planning to include blade repair. Importantly, the company also invested and opened its Colorado training facility in May 2021.

Workrise has nearly 300 employees who are technicians, construction technicians, major corrective technicians and blade technicians.  

Workrise is adding to the growth of companies using GWO standardized training. Since 2019, the number of GWO training modules completed in North America has risen by more than 100 percent to over 20,000. The number of GWO trained technicians also has doubled to more than 5,000.

When technicians complete modules, their certifications are uploaded to the GWO WINDA database. WINDA helps employers verify the training status of participants who have completed GWO certified training courses. This is especially good for independent service providers as their workforce can move easily from one wind farm to another.

“We provide employers with specially trained technicians who rise up and get the hard work done safely and effectively,” said Eric, who himself has been in the industry for eight years as a technician, trainer, and project manager.

Contact: https://www.workrise.com/denver-training-center/


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