February 12, 2022

GWO training will grow on East Coast says Rhode Island funding body

GWO training providers in North America have enjoyed their busiest ever year, completing almost double the number of courses (modules) than 2018.

The next two years will see more GWO training sites established in America’s east coast, leading experts have said.

Laura Hastings, Grant Advisor for the State of Rhode Island, Department of Labor and Training, expects GWO to have a role in the growing wind industry in Rhode Island, USA. She says that it is also of great significance for the American wind industry to be able to experience in first person what a GWO Training is about, “to see people falling into the water and saving each other, the idea that we can see it and touch it, is important for the industry”.

GWO had the chance to meet representatives from the North America wind industry last November during WindEurope Offshore 2019 in Copenhagen. Specifically, GWO has discussed with Laura Hastings the future of GWO trainings in the State of Rhode Island.

The North American wind industry is growing rapidly and the need for technicians for working in onshore and offshore wind farms will be rising. So far GWO has registered 9 Training Providers across the United States and the number is destined to grow in the next years.

Rhode Island will be involved in the building of at least three new offshore wind farms that will bring, together with the operations of the existing Block Island Wind Farm, the capacity to produce over 1.7 gigawatts.


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