February 12, 2022

Safety One Training Builds Capabilities to Meet Wind Industry Growth

From rescue in snow… to safety in wind

Safety One Training, located in Littleton, Colorado, continues to pave new roads to meet the needs for safety and fall protection across a number of industries.

Recently earning certification as a training provider from Global Wind Organisation (GWO), Safety One Training traces its start to 1988 when it gained recognition with its safety and rescue training for snow vehicle operators employed by utilities and telecommunications companies.

From there, the company developed expertise in fall protection more than 20 years ago to meet the needs of their customers and then expanded into training for the wind industry. Today, the training facility for the wind industry at Safety One Training includes a nacelle to provide more realistic training in an indoor environment for safety and technical skills. Most of the of the clients are independent service providers that in turn work for major producers of wind turbines and owner operators.

“We’ve been providing wind training for some time. With GWO becoming more popular and the growth of the overall wind industry, we obtained training provider certification,” said Tamara Hebbert, Client Advisor for Safety One Training.

In her role for seven years, she consults with companies about their needs and provides safety and rescue training programs tailored to fit their businesses and people.  

Safety One Training currently offers manual handling, fire awareness and working at heights from the GWO portfolio and is continuously evaluating other modules based on needs of clients. In addition, Safety One Training is growing its team of GWO certified instructors.  

A focus on building training, resources and facilities enables Safety One Training to meet the growing need for wind turbine technicians. GWO, for example, forecasts that more than 75,000 people will require the basic entry-level standard training to work on wind turbines through 2025 – both onshore and offshore in the U.S.

“We have longevity, are well-known in the market and will continue to build our offerings to the wind industry,” Tamara added.

Contact: https://safetyoneinc.com/


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