February 12, 2022

Wind Academy by Siemens Gamesa Opens Opportunities for Renewable Energy Careers

First classes begin in May 2021 and offer proven, verifiable GWO training

For those looking to join one of the fastest growing careers as a technician in the wind turbine industry, classes in safety and technical training start in May at the Wind Academy by Siemens Gamesa in Orlando, FL.  

Of note, the White House held a first-ever Offshore Wind Roundtable in late March to boost the offshore renewable energy market and create jobs – the Wind Academy by Siemens Gamesa is the way to earn one of those jobs.  

Here’s what is important to know. The Wind Academy classes are the same offered to wind turbine technician employees of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, so this means proven training that also is documented so employers can easily verify credentials – getting careers going faster.  

“We provide access to the same facilities as we do for our employees,” says Christopher Spring, Safety Training Manager for Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. “This means students get essentially the same training as our employees and can get a start in their career quickly and safely.”  

The training incorporates GWO safety and technical standards, which provide consistency across the wind turbine industry:

  • Basic safety training (BST) includes first aid, fire awareness, working at heights and manual handling, which covers the correct handling of equipment.
  • Basic technical training (BTT) contains mechanical, electrical, hydraulics and installation courses.
  • Advanced Rescue Training (ART) elevates rescuer self-reliance and enables successful transport of a colleague who cannot self-evacuate, to an assembly point until professional emergency responders arrive.
  • Here’s a bonus. Certifications of GWO training are loaded into the WINDA database, which means any employer, anywhere worldwide who is a GWO member can verify graduates’ training to speed along the hiring process.

Furthermore, Siemens Gamesa continued training its employees safely throughout the Pandemic, according to Cynthia Brown, Director, Wind Academy by Siemens Gamesa and there have been no reported cases of the virus passed from one trainee to another while at the center. This means getting safety and technical training safely.  

In addition to GWO courses, the Wind Academy offers a wide range of technical and safety courses that were developed based on onshore and offshore industry needs. The Wind Academy is also certified by the Florida Board of Education, and it is affiliated with Valencia College, Orlando and Seminole State College, Sanford.

Photos Copyright Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy


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