April 1, 2022

GWO releases reviewed First Aid and Manual Handling modules

The modules are reviewed in response to feedback from GWO members and 2020 workplace data from G+ which places manual handling incidents in the top three most reported injury processes.

We are pleased to announce updates to the GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) standard, as the First Aid and Manual Handling modules have been amended following review.

A GWO working group reviewed the training standard modules in multiple workshops and several online meetings between December 2021 and March 2022. The review comes in response to feedback from GWO members and to G+ data, showing that manual handling incidents are the single largest category of lost workday injuries, the majority of which are associated with musculoskeletal (back) injuries.

The First Aid module review builds on over 8 years of experience of GWO First Aid training, and aims to revise and reduce the course duration, without compromising the learning outcomes.

Jakob Bjørn Nielsen, COO at GWO, explains: “First Aid training is one of the most practiced modules in our Basic Safety Training. With almost 10 years’ experience, we have been able to finetune the module, allowing the same learning outcomes to be achieved in a significantly shorter training duration – this is appealing to employers who will be able to save resources, and technicians who will have less repeated themes within training.”

Christian Munck Jørgensen, GWO Project Manager, adds “It’s always important to update and review training standards on a continual basis. When the data suggests that incidents related to certain modules are on the rise – we must analyse the training need and act accordingly. We hope the updates to our Manual Handling module will reduce the number of back injuries, keeping the workforce safe.”

Read the full reviewed modules for Manual Handling and First Aid here