March 2, 2022

Annual Report 2021: Record year for wind energy safety as GWO Trained Workforce passes 122000

During 2021, 82 new training providers were GWO certified, bringing the global community to a total of 444 centers, spread across 48 countries. Meanwhile, GWO training, grew particularly fast in Asia, North America and South America relative to Europe.


Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of Global Wind Organisation, explains:

“This has been another year of successes for GWO and our growing community. Despite the challenges well faced in the continuing pandemic, safety training in the wind industry has continued to thrive. Our 2021 Annual Report tells just a small part of the global story created by the many people from our members to the individual technicians who together make real the promise of the green energy transition.” 

Paul Robbins, Chair of the Global Wind Organisation Executive Committee & Chief H&S Specialist at Vestas, adds:

“With 82 new GWO certified Training Providers in 2021,we depend a lot on GWO training providers to deliver training that will keep our technicians’ safety skills updated and fulfilling, and I am happy to see GWO training providers have really stepped up when our industry needed the most. This resulted in almost 320,000 GWO courses being completed last year, an amazing feat that I would like to thank and congratulate the entire network for their work in achieving.” 

Want to know more about the achievements and growth of 2021?

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