Global Wind Organisation

Annual Report 2021

2021 only emphasised the strengths of the GWO community. The total numbers of individuals taking GWO training increasing by over 20% to more than 80,000 individuals, who during 2021 received in excess of 316,000 training certificates, delivered by more than 440 training centres in over 45 countries and territories. All these figures are all time highs.

Building a Community of Safety and Training

The 2021 Annual Report marks the end of year two of GWO’s three year “Safety Without Borders” strategy. At the time of its launch, two years of pandemic seemed inconceivable, but today individuals and states are still struggling. However, closer to home within the wind sector a new (nearly) normal has prevailed ensuring not only that the lights never went out, they now burn even brighter.

1. Governance for Training Quality

Good governance processes, greater transparency and evidence-based decision making leverage consistency of training quality across a growing and increasingly diverse community of training providers.

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2. Workforce Training Standards

There is no doubt that the standards GWO has introduced since its foundation have produced the training framework specific to the wind environment. This has been confirmed by the rapidly growing community of training providers around the world certified to GWO requirements.

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3. A Global Training Community

For GWO members it’s still worth remembering how different the world would be if we didn’t have the mobility of workforce GWO standards facilitate. As a forum where members, training providers and training participants can build consensus and seek compromise, GWO has an important role in removing global barriers.

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Paul Robbins

Chair’s Statement

GWO has matured and established a lasting position within the wind industry’s workforce and industrial supply chain. Together with our membership, training provider and certification body network, we have continued to advance standards for safety so that our colleagues who construct, install, operate, and maintain wind energy assets can return home to their families wherever they are in the world.

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Jakob Lau Holst

CEO’s Statement

Progress against the ambitions of our three-year strategy "Safety without Borders" continued apace during its second year. For example, we welcomed 82 newly certified GWO training providers from across the world with five new countries.

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A Year in Numbers

The GWO Trained Workforce is a number representing course participants holding at least one valid training record in GWO’s WINDA database. At the end of 2021, the GWO Trained Workforce was 122,573, who hold between them a total of 557,462 valid GWO training records.
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