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GWO Annual Report 2023
Andrea scassola
By Andrea Scassola
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March 20, 2024

GWO Annual Report 2023

The 2023 Annual Report tells just a small part of the global story created by the many people from our members to the individual technicians who together work towards a safer workplace while also delivering on global energy goals.

Report summary

GWO’s Annual Report for the 2023 covers activities and training occurring during 2023, highlighting key trends and key performance indicators from across the training network.

Highlights of the report include a 17% growth in the size of the GWO Active Workforce, reaching a total of 168,500 people at year end 2023 (2022: 144,755). Training volumes increased 24% by number of records uploaded, with participants on average, holding 5.45 GWO training records by the end of 2023, compared with 5.16 one year earlier. Overall, new training records increased from 364,506 in 2022 to 454,102 in 2023.

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