March 5, 2024

Winners 2022: Training Team of the Year, Americas

Meet the Safety & Training Awards 2022 winners!

Training Team of the Year aims to shine a light on training teams and instructors delivering GWO standards and creating great quality learning. During the 2022 Safety & Training Awards four companies were awarded Training Team of the Year. Tech Safety Lines won Training Team of the Year for the Americas.

Diane Waghorn, President and Founder of Tech Safety Lines, shared:

"Tech Safety Lines loves a challenge. I would recommend anyone, even if you don’t think you could win, to enter. It’s a great opportunity to look at yourself through other people’s eyes and think about how other people perceive you. It’s a great opportunity for business owners to make sure they have their best foot forward. I think game on; let’s do it!"

Congratulations again to the Tech Safety Lines team!