June 14, 2021

Welcoming CRRC Zhuzhou Institute

GWO’s Newest Chinese Member.

New GWO Member, CRRC Wind Power is a fast growing division of Chinese wind turbine manufacturer CRRC Zhuzhou Institute. Historically China’s leading manufacturer of high speed trains and rail infrastructure, since 2006 CRRC wind power has built its ambition of becoming an important force in global clean energy through three product lines: wind turbine, intelligent operation and maintenance, and comprehensive energy.

Now one  of the world’s top wind turbine manufacturers, CRRC has grown considerably to have a turnover of 1.54Bn USD and 3.84 Gigawatts of new installations in 2020. This brings its total installed capacity to 8.2GW delivered across 28 Chinese Regions as well as in South East Asia.

CRRC Wind Power has 1100 employees, of which 60% are technicians and engineers who are likely to be in scope for GWO Basic Safety Training.  The company has strong ambitions and is forecast to deliver 3500+ MW in 2021 as well as exciting plans to certify its own training centre to GWO standards.

Deputy General Manager of CRRC Wind Power, Mr. Lui Hui, voiced the company’s aspirations,

"As a GWO member company, CRRC Wind Power is looking forward to work together across markets and expand adherence to GWO global safety standards.  As a state-owned enterprise, CRRC takes the responsibility of "achieve yourself while others achieve", and we will make contributions to the development of green energy in the new era."