July 7, 2021

Training provider's certification withdrawn

The Global Wind Organisation Audit & Compliance Committee has approved the withdrawal of VINDA LT from the approved list of GWO Training Providers

On 17th June 2021, the GWO Secretariat commenced an investigation under supervision of the Audit & Compliance Committee into allegations of material non-compliance with the GWO Requirements for Training Providers and violations of our Code of Conduct by a certified training provider.

Following completion of the investigation, the GWO A&C Committee has approved the withdrawal from our list of certified training providers, the profile of one company, VINDA LT, based in Lithuania.

The training provider was consulted throughout the investigation which reviewed several pieces of primary and supporting evidence and concluded that during 2021 VINDA LT:

  • has delivered BST and BSTR in a shorter duration than required by the standard
  • has offered and delivered full BST and BSTR fully remotely/online (i.e. with no practical exercises)

The investigation’s findings above constitute an overwhelming breach of integrity, as well as a serious violation of the GWO Code of Conduct and the Requirements for Training Providers.

In addition to the withdrawal of this company from the list of authorised training providers, the Committee has also approved that all WINDA records uploaded by VINDA LT in 2021 will be revoked and that course participants should be informed accordingly.

This decision will affect 161 trained people. These 161 individuals have been notified directly and will be invited to appeal personally or via their employer the decision. Participants will be required to provide sufficient documented evidence of their physical attendance to training. GWO has urged the training provider to assist these individuals in any way possible, either by providing verifiable proof of attendance or in the form of compensation.

Should VINDA LT wish to continue delivering GWO training, the company will need to undergo initial certification, in accordance with the GWO Requirements for Training Providers, and will be expected to produce evidence of having dealt with all of the above-mentioned violations under a new certification.

Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of Global Wind Organisation, explained: “Our first consideration has to be the safety of our workforce. Insufficiently trained participants should be considered as a potential safety risk to themselves and their colleagues. It is with this priority the Committee made its decision to revoke training records."