September 7, 2023

Training Providers on Board with Propel your Career campaign

A new marketing toolkit is helping training providers promote the career of Wind Turbine Technician

Training Providers are capturing hearts and minds with an inspirational new careers-based campaign in partnership with Global Wind Organisation. The campaign, 'Propel your Career' has been devised to help GWO certified training providers promote their services alongside much needed calls for skilled workforce into the wind industry, where more than 140,000 new technicians are needed by 2026.

Now, training providers have begun deploying the campaign, using a specially created marketing toolkit on social media, web sites and as a strong visual element at their recruitment fairs.

Ralph Savage, Director of Global Development & Stakeholder Relations at GWO, explains:

"Training providers play a massive role in bringing new workforce into the industry. They are a part of their communities, where they help young people and transitioning workers make life changing decisions about careers as a wind turbine technician. However, it can be complex, time consuming and above all, expensive to develop marketing materials that appeal to a broad audience, hitting the right tone so that your target audience sees your business as one they should contact. We spent several months developing Propel your Career, to help training providers save time and resource, so that they can hit the ground running with a strong communication message that they can co-brand with GWO."
Here's a few examples from training providers using the campaign toolkit:

UK Training Provider Safer at Work has adapted the toolkit for its upcoming open day event
Portuguese training provider Cedros has used the campaign toolkit on its Facebook feed,