October 14, 2021

Step into a virtual world of training at Wind Europe Electric City

‍RelyOn Nutec and Clyde Training Solutions unveiled as 2021 demonstration partners

Guests at Europe’s premier annual on and offshore wind energy event will have a window into the possibilities of virtual reality and digital blended learning, as part of a new partnership announced today.  

Global Wind Organisation is once again hosting the Safety, Skills and Training Zone, featuring cutting edge content and demonstrations from two innovative training providers; RelyOn Nutec and Clyde Training Solutions (Part of Northern Marine and the wider Stena Group). The Zone has been specially themed in the style of a 1980’s gaming arcade to provide guests with a unique experience and a glimpse into the future of learning for our wind energy workforce.

RelyOn Nutec, the world’s largest provider of GWO wind industry standard training will demonstrate its latest digital solutions and approach to blended and adaptive learning, revealing how technology can be used to increase efficiency and lower costs, while improving safety standards and competence levels across the wind sector workforce.

Torben Harring, CEO at RelyOn Nutec explains:

"We are pleased to once again partner with GWO in demonstrating the highest safety training standards at WindEurope. In line with RelyOn Nutec’s focus shifting towards digital solutions we will be showcasing our blended learning solutions and offer a first sneak-peak into the future of digital learning showing how adaptive learning will adapt to the needs of each learner leading to higher proficiency and better retention of learning. A crane lift simulator will be deployed to let exhibition participants experience first-hand how simulator-based training can decrease operational risks in offshore wind environments. Finally our training, competence and compliance software will showcase how we aim to improve the administration process of ensuring a well-trained and compliant workforce at all times."

Clyde Training Solutions will invite participants into one of four specially constructed virtual reality booths within the Safety, Skills and Training Zone, to reveal its augmentations to GWO’s working at heights training.  

John Abate, Global Head of Training at Northern Marine Group explained:

“We are pleased to offer virtual reality training for working at heights in the wind industry. The Clyde Training Solutions complimentary, and optional enhancement to our GWO Working at Height course gives both new starts and experienced workers in the industry the chance to experience working at height in an onshore turbine. Our simulated environment will allow the delegate to experience hands on the turbine architecture, moving up and down the turbine as well as all the safety practices required prior to working at height. Users will experience as close to real life as possible a truly immersive feeling of working at height, operating the safety equipment and checking and utilising PPE. Finally, users will also experience potential hazards they may encounter in a real life turbine, and will be required to take the necessary actions to limit and remove the hazard”.

Ralph Savage, Director of Global Development & Stakeholder Relations at Global Wind Organisation added:

"I would like to thank both Relyon Nutec and Clyde Training Solutions for their commitment and support for the Safety, Skills & Training Zone, which has become a fixture on the WindEurope exhibition calendar and is ready for its third outing. We have worked hard to create a programme with WindEurope and our partners that will provide great value to all conference & exhibition delegates and look forward to seeing everyone there."