July 14, 2023

Polish Fishermen Transition to Careers in Wind Through GWO Training

GWO member, RWE and GWO Certified Training Provider, Windhunter Academy have together launched a retraining programme to create new job opportunities for communities in Poland. In a first tranche, eight fishermen recently completed a three-week programme, including GWO training, that equipped them with the basic skills needed to transition to become wind technicians.

Candidates for the programme were selected based on their attitudes to change and their potential to succeed in wind turbine technicians job roles. During the programme, participants underwent an intensive course at windhunter academy, where they gained comprehensive knowledge about technical aspects, including GWO Basic Technical Training (BTT); safety aspects, including GWO Basic Safety Training (BST); as well as practical classes and training in technical English.

After the programme, participants were optimistic about the future and looked forward to their new employment.

“I believe that the reskilling programme proposed by RWE and windhunter academy has fulfilled its objectives. I feel fully prepared for work and the new challenges of the wind industry. The training was conducted at the highest level, by professionals who gave us a large amount of knowledge in a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere, treating us as individually as possible.” Konrad Rus, participant.

Karolina Jastrzębska, CEO of windhunter academy stated,

“The objectives of the programme go beyond just completing the training. The main goal is to present job offers and facilitate safe employment in the wind industry, ensuring a successful career transition for each participant.”

Marcin Sowiński, Project Lead at RWE Offshore Development Poland, emphasised the importance of the program not only for building awareness about offshore wind energy, but also for providing real opportunities for individuals to connect their future with this dynamically developing sector. The programme equips participants not only with practical skills and technical knowledge, but also develops soft skills and teamwork skills necessary in emergencies.

Reskilling programmes like this one are an important step towards developing qualified staff for the wind industry in Poland and internationally. By offering new career paths in the renewable energy sector, the programme gives individuals the opportunity to contribute to the development of this industry while safeguarding their own professional future. As the global energy landscape transforms to renewable energy, reskilling initiatives play an important role in a prosperous future.