July 5, 2023

Japanese Developer Eurus Energy Joins Global Wind Organisation

• Pioneering Japanese onshore wind developer joins global safety training association. • Priorities include regional leadership and support in adoption of industry standards.

Global Wind Organisation (GWO), the not-for-profit body representing wind power owners and manufacturers, is delighted to announce its first member from the fast-growing Japanese wind energy market, Eurus Energy.

Eurus Energy is Japan’s largest onshore developer with approximately 1GW of capacity installed, while the company has a further 2.9GW of installed wind capacity around the world across 15 countries. The business is also primed to play a significant role in Japan’s nascent offshore wind sector, where up to 10GW of capacity is expect to be installed by 2030.

The company will be represented by Takeshi Ito, Executive Officer at Eurus Energy, who brings a wealth of experience gained over 20 years in service of its windpower business.  

Takeshi Ito, Executive Officer at Eurus Energy, said:

“On behalf of Eurus Energy, I am delighted to join GWO. The safety of our workforce is essential, and membership gives us a platform to provide input and influence on safety and technical training standards as they are developed and deployed across the industry. Equally, we hope to play a role within the Japanese market as a safety leader, helping our peers to work within a framework of global standards and where appropriate see them adapted for any unique health and safety requirements in this country.”

Jakob Lau Holst CEO of Global Wind Organisation added:

“I am proud to welcome Eurus Energy to the GWO membership, which now comprises 24 of the world’s largest manufacturers and owners of wind turbines. As our first ever Japanese member company, Eurus Energy can play a pivotal role in helping to establish GWO standards in the region, while ensuring that they adapt to the needs of Japan’s existing health and safety framework.”


About Eurus Energy

Eurus Energy is a global company that has been consistently engaged in renewable energy power generation projects around the world for more than 30 years since it started its wind power generation business in California in 1987. It is also a leading company in the wind power generation industry in Japan, and currently operates wind and solar power generation businesses in 15 countries and regions around the world, with an installed capacity of 3,304 MW of power plants in operation, and actively sources new projects to develop with local partners in various parts of the world. Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation is owned by Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

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Ralph Savage – Director, Global Development& Stakeholder Relations, Global Wind Organisation