March 10, 2021

Improved requirements and Audit Reports ready for launch

GWO releases improved requirements for Training Providers and Certification Bodies on April 6, 2021. In addition, GWO is improving quality control with a requirement for all audit reports to be completed and sent using a GWO template from May 1, 2021

Certification bodies will be required to use a GWO audit report template from May 1st 2021, following the latest update to our requirements.

The template is a significant step towards the ambition to ensure aligned standards across all training providers and to create a transparent and professional report system for certification bodies.

The audit report template will simplify the process for certification bodies and make it easier and more efficient to certify or re-certify training providers.

Jose Jimenez, Head of Risk & Governance at Global Wind Organisation, said: “As ever, we encourage all stakeholders to carefully review the updated requirements when they are released. In the case of audit reports, we began receiving audit reports as part of our previous update to the Requirements and our team handles hundreds of these documents. As a necessary quality improvement, we are introducing our own template. This has been developed in close collaboration with members both to ensure the quality of the safety training and to align and standardise GWO courses, with the aim to guarantee delivery of learning objectives.”

Updated Requirements documents

GWO’s Requirements for Training Providers and Certification Bodies will be updated to version 10 and 8 respectively.

The Requirements for Training Providers, includes new options for instructor qualifications and annual verification of competencies.

There are also changes in the section concerning training providers’ supporting process which now directs that TPs providing the practical training must upload the Training records into WINDA themselves.

In the section on Equipment and Physical resources the requirements for onsite training facilities have been clarified as follows:

“If a training provider delivers Onsite (Field) training continuously at a training facility which could be certified as a GWO fixed training facility, it must be converted to a GWO fixed Training Facility as part of the recertification”

In addition, the training provider must ensure to cover elements in connection with the training execution when the training is not done in one sequence.

The improved requirements now allow the training providers to complete an audit both through holding an actual course and during a mock training.

The number of participants has been clarified to ensure a representative witness of training.

Adapting to the new reality of Covid 19, GWO allowed remote auditing, which turned out to represent several advantages.

The remote auditing requirements for Version 8 of the Criteria for Certification Bodies incorporates remote audits as a permanent option, including full specifications. In addition to this, clarifications are provided in regards minimum number of participants in witnessed training sessions as part of the audits.

The improvements also cover;

- GWO Audit Report” template (hard requirement to use starting May 1st) has been added to it.

The revised qualifications required for auditors and the new designed tables are implemented to clarify sampling and remote audit allowances.

GWO will continue to improve and develop the requirements for training provides and certification bodies together with the working groups and are keen to remind industry practitioners and shareholder that all current as well upcoming requirements are exiting to support the standards of GWO training programs