October 26, 2021

COHE and Lift training revealed at Electric City

Training providers, certification bodies and employers are encouraged to join us on November 24th 2021 at Electric City, Copenhagen for our Stakeholder Forum. The event will play a key part in the programme of the Safety, Skills and Training Zone and will be a great opportunity to learn, network and engage with GWO face to face

Hosted by GWO’s training project managers, the Forum offers stakeholders a chance to exchange ideas about recent changes to training standards and methods not only with GWO but directly with peers and industry leaders.

GWO Training Project Managers Thomas Grønlund and Christian Munck Jørgensen will focus on three key topics. The further training modules coming to the Lift Training Standard, the introduction of our new Control of Hazardous Energies Training Standard, and the GWO Taxonomy. Each presentation will be followed by a Q&A.

The first presentation introduces two additions to the Lift Training standard – the Commission and Inspection (LCI) and the Commissioning, Inspection, Installation & Modules (LCIIM). Both modules complement existing manufacturer training courses, allowing technicians to transfer knowledge and lift safety skills between different brands, models and regions across the world.

Christian Munck Jørgensen who is leading the second session says,

“The Control of Hazardous Energies training standard pulls together training for some significant risks to workers in the wind environment such as fluids under pressure and low voltage electricity. The session is a great opportunity for training providers to learn how to incorporate this standard into their training portfolio, while employers can see the clear business advantage the new standard offers to their organisation.”

The session ends on GWO’s Taxonomy Framework introduced in 2020 to help build coherence across our work. This introduces participants to a learning-by-doing world of action verbs and domain specific learning. Our objective-  showing how of GWO’s taxonomy can deliver improved learning outcomes for all training participants.

For all three items, experts from turbine manufacturers and owners, who contributed to the modules’ development, will be present to answer questions. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and engagement between GWO, training providers, certification bodies and employers.

As the world begins to open up, share what you’ve learnt in the past 24 months and together with GWO we can build a fuller picture of best practice safety training for the future. It’s been a while- so there’s lots to catch up on!