December 4, 2023

GWO Publishes New Instructor Quality (IQ) Standard

The core purpose of the IQ Standard is to introduce a structured, pedagogical guideline for instructors leading GWO training

Global Wind Organisation has today launched the Instructor Qualification (IQ) Standard along with updated versions to four existing standards. The core purpose of the IQ Standard is to introduce a structured, pedagogical guideline for instructors leading GWO training. The standard seeks to address the challenge of shifting GWO training away from methods that lack sufficient involvement of the participants. In contrast, the new standard focuses on participant-centred teaching and adult learning principles with GWO’s Taxonomy Framework as the supporting theoretical background.

The IQ Standard is part of a wider GWO instructor qualification framework, which covers an alternative process for qualifying instructors to deliver GWO modules, and an assessment and governance structure to ensure higher quality, train-the-trainers. The IQ standard is downloadable via the GWO website here.

The GWO Instructor Qualification Standard is divided into the following three modules:

• Module 1: Instructor Qualification Training, designed for aspiring instructors with no former vocational teaching experience. Duration: nine days

• Module 2: Instructor Qualification Crossover Training for experienced GWO instructors with some pedagogical background. These are expected to benefit greatly from the Instructor Qualification Crossover Training Module. Duration: three days

• Module 3: Instructor Qualification Trainer Training, designed for selected, experienced instructors with extensive pedagogical experience who would like to develop new instructors as IQT and IQTX trainers. Duration: five days

Jacob Lau Holst, GWO Chief Executive Officer says,

GWO Instructors play a vital role in safety and technical training in the wind industry. As learning experts, they know there are always opportunities to improve the quality of instruction while also growing the availability of qualified instructors globally. GWO’s IQ Standard will help us meet the demand for recognisable instructor qualification training that better serves our members, training providers and the needs of even more participants in the years to come.

To learn more, join GWO at one of two webinars in January 2024 . Both sessions include a Q&A session with relevant project managers and will cover all standards and frameworks in the December release.

Webinar 1- 10th Jan 2024 - 14,00 CET (UTC +1) Zoom link here

Webinar 2 –18th Jan 2024 - 16,00 CET (UTC+1) Zoom link here