September 9, 2020

GWO network focuses on quality in digitalisation debate

Webinar participants showed us they have a clear idea on what ’quality of learning is all about’

Over 100 participants at GWO’s first webinar on digitalisation and training signposted their enthusiasm for the potential benefits of virtual tools during a series of interactive debates.

Answers touched different aspects of the learning process and experience: the delivery must be effective and accurate; the practical and interactive elements are central and finally, quality means engagement with the participants by sparking their interest and involvement in the learning process.

GWO and a panel of member representatives received feedback from the audience during the webinar, discovering how most believe the primary benefit is in digital platforms’ ability to provide efficiency and flexibility in the learning process. Other key benefits they identified centred around personalisation and the potential cost and time efficiency gains that could be made.

The message we got from this feedback was clear,” says Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of Global Wind Organisation. ”Digital delivery is an opportunity to rethink and restructure the learning experience, in order to increase its quality by personalizing and adapting the process to the different needs.”

As far as the GWO network of training providers and course participants, 75% of the webinar participants saw digital delivery of GWO safety standards becoming a reality in the near future at their own businesses. Among those people, 44% were absolutely convinced.

The discussion of digitalisation and training will continue in the remaining episodes when the issues of governance and growth of GWO standards will set the agenda.