June 28, 2022

GWO expands 2022 awards event with Safety & Training Forum

October 4th will be a special day as our community of safety and training in wind energy gathers in person for an all-new event in Copenhagen.

GWO members from the world’s largest manufacturers and owner operators will join in person alongside training providers, certification bodies, instructors, and auditors for a day of inspiration, industry insight, networking, and dialogue.

The new GWO Safety & Training Forum will combine with the GWO Safety & Training Awards 2022 to deliver a heavyweight programme across a single day. Registration is free of charge.  

Featuring a keynote address from former British Royal Airforce fighter pilot, Mandy Hickson. Her  remarkable insights into decision making under pressure will focus on the role instructors have played in her life, the GWO Safety & Training Forum will encourage dialogue and share the community’s insights on the issues that matter.  

Lisa Mallon, Global Executive Leader at GE Renewable Energy Onshore Wind and Chair of the Global Wind Organisation Executive Committee explains: “I am delighted to share in the launch of the GWO Safety & Training Forum on October 4th in Copenhagen. We have combined this event into a single day with the GWO Safety & Training Awards 2022, to remind our community how important they are to creating a safe working environment in wind and that good instructors are the most important part of that mission.  

“We want to share this opportunity to begin building our relationships in person for the long-term benefit of our workforce,” adds Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of Global Wind Organisation. “We have a fantastic location for the event at Industriens Hus in central Copenhagen. Here, we will provide the space to discuss, learn and celebrate best practice with a singular focus on the issues that matter to safety and training professionals in the wind industry.  

Awards for Impact in Safety Training

Twenty-seven awards were handed out in 2021 by a panel of industry experts who chose the winners of the first ever GWO Safety & Training Awards. Now, we invite you to take part in this year’s ceremony at the climax of an exciting and engaging day!