October 11, 2022

GWO Announces WINDA Credit Price Alterations, Effective 1st November 2022

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR TRAINING PROVIDERS The credit fee for WINDA will be updated at 12:00 PM CET 1st November 22 (Copenhagen, CET). All purchases on or after that point will be at the revised levels. Credits purchased before may be redeemed according to GWO’s normal terms and conditions.

Today GWO announced its annual review of the WINDA Credit unit costs in line with cost of living changes across the world as defined by the United Nations - Human Development Index (UN-HDI). GWO will automatically update WINDA in keeping with the full UN-HDI on 1st November this year. GWO introduced the benchmark into its WINDA fee calculations in 2020 to increase parity in training affordability across the world and to show GWO members are committed to encouraging the adoption of basic minimum standards for safety across the world.

This year’s UN-HDI reflects contradictory socio-economic trends operating across the world with similar numbers of territories increasing and decreasing their UN HDI, although this variation is typically within +/- 1 percent. The changes in WINDA Credit fees in the 50 largest GWO training markets is shown below.

The UN HDI is an annual benchmark of socio-economic life expectations in 250 territories across the world. The full report territory by territory can be found here  https://hdr.undp.org/data-center/human-development-index#/indicies/HDI  .