January 4, 2019

Goldwind Sea Survival training centre praised by auditor

A new training centre in China has been highlighted by auditors for its quality.

The newly certified BST Sea Survival course at JiangSu Goldwind Science & Technology Co has been praised by auditors for its quality, resources and highly motivated team.

Ready to launch this January, the Sea Survival course expects strong demand as the use of GWO standard training continues its rapid adoption in the China region.

Ma Chunling of Goldwind

Ma Chunling, Supervisor of Offshore Wind Training Center Goldwind Science & Technology Co. LTD and member of the GWO Training Committee, (pictured left) explained: "In the future, the Sea Survival course will help to strengthen the training standards for offshore wind power safety at home and abroad, and enhance the personnel safety skills of the Goldwind technology industry chain and wind power industry.

"We are very proud to have received praise from the lead auditor who delivered our certificate. It was confirmed the training centre has a high level of quality in its documentation, staff and physical resources. It was also noted that there is a very high level of motivation amongst the administrative and training staff.