March 8, 2022

Global Wind Organisation Statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

GWO is shocked and deeply saddened by the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine, an aggression, which has tragic consequences for the Ukrainian population and threatens both European and global security. We call upon the Russian government to end all hostilities and engage in diplomatic dialogue.

Wind energy is critical electrical infrastructure and wind workforces help keep electricity flowing. Our core mission is safety and avoiding injury for wind workforces globally, including in the countries of Russia and Ukraine. We consider all GWO certified training providers and all trained workforce part of our greater community and in our mission to help protect from workforce injury. Acting in line with our values, and with the sanctions of the international community, we have taken following steps effective immediately.

1) We have suspended all current and planned GWO activities in Russia until further notice including the acceptance of new training centres.

2) Recognition of all GWO certified safety training in Russia is suspended until further notice. The suspensions are entirely a response to the acts of the Russian government, and we regret the adverse effects this will have on organizations and persons we have been grateful to collaborate with until now.

3) We have two certified training providers in Ukraine, and many wind technicians from Ukraine who regularly attend GWO training. Those Ukraine technicians who will not be able to refresh their GWO training due to the conflict will be allowed extensions of validity on an individual basis.

4) We have reports that wind safety training is severely disrupted in Ukraine, equipment and facilities have been lost and destroyed in the war. When the situation allows we will stand ready to assist our Ukrainian training providers re-establish their safety training.

GWO is regrettably legally restricted from providing direct emergency relief. However, GWO members have supported directly in various ways e.g. through UNHCR, and GWO staff members have committed personal contributions to organisations such as UNICEF and Medecíns Sans Frontiers. We call upon everyone we reach with this message, to consider your options for helping Ukrainian people and to support in any way you can.

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