June 15, 2021

Global Wind Organisation celebrates Global Wind Day

Across the world, GWO is celebrating Global Wind Day and the vital role safer working environments play in developing sustainable wind energy and in reshaping all our energy systems.

Wind technicians encounter considerable risks and hazards at work. At GWO we want this workforce to know how to avoid incidents and be prepared to respond quickly and with the right competences should incidents occur. By helping leading global wind companies engage in deep collaboration to understand the risks our workforce encounters every day, and to agree on standardised ways to train safety knowledge, skills and abilities, we make an important and a growing difference.

Currently, more than 100,000 people hold a valid GWO certificate. Each person is trained at one of a network of over 400 training providers in 44 countries who stand ready to meet the rapidly expanding demand from employers.

Our forecasts are that at least half a million technicians are needed meet agreed wind power installation targets towards 2025, not counting further agreed action from governments at the COP 26 Climate Conference later in 2021. GWO Chief Executive, Jakob Lau Holst says;

“Our ambition at GWO is to further grow the availability of recognised safety training to all wind markets, to ensure COP 26 ambitions are matched by a similar drive from society and industry to keep our technicians safe at work. With this promise, I wish you a happy and safe Global Wind Day.”

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