June 11, 2020

Explained: Why do some GWO courses require a refresher every two years?

Learning objectives in GWO standards are focused in the domains of "knowledge" and "skill". How often you refresh your training to maintain that knowledge and skill depends on a huge variety of factors.

Global Wind Organisation has published a new report providing details behind its continued recommendation of a two year refresher period for safety training standards.

Jakob Bjørn Nielsen, Head of Standards Development at Global Wind Organisation, authored the report.

"As a non-profit body representing the world's largest wind energy employers, GWO's continuing focus is to ensure the work environment stays as injury free as possible for all wind power technicians.
"A main consideration in this regard is the skills fade wind power technicians are subjected to in the normal course of their work.
"GWO, its member companies individually and training providers are actively scoping, developing and deploying initiatives to mitigate potential skill fade, especially as the Covid19 crisis forced many training centres to close during March-May 2020."

In this report, we share the GWO view on refresher training to ensure that the individual technician retains their skills by being retrained in a timely manner.