October 26, 2021

Learnings from the Pandemic

This November GWO is taking a moment to reflect on the lessons learnt from the past two years of progress that the wind industry has achieved despite the pandemic. Join us at Electric City in Copenhagen on Tuesday 23rd November to reflect on employers’ and training providers’ experiences in this still evolving story.

The events’ two sessions take contrasting views on the long-term impact of Covid-19 on risk assessment and management of safety training within the wind industry. In the first session, the focus is on the impact on operations, while in the second, we take a sideways look at how the the pandemic has worked to push training innovations: especially the role of digital/online training. Joining GWO in presenting are leading players in the sector representing both employees and training providers. Active participation is a given. After all we are still very much in a learning process where vital insights on how the pandemic affected training are still very much coming through.

The agenda for the sessions will address the following searching questions affecting operations:

  • How has the pandemic influenced health and safety practices with regards to onsite inspections?
  • What new ways of monitoring safety have followed the pandemic?
  • How are these new ways of monitoring safety going to evolve to maintain a high level of safety?
  • What innovations implemented during COVID will be maintained for a high safety?

Building on the learning from operations, in the second session we look at how the pandemic forced the supply chain to quickly adapt and accommodate digital and blended learning solutions for training. Here we drill down on:

  • How far can technology actually help?
  • Which new ways of training or innovations are going to stand the test of time?
  • What are the implications for quality and how can standards be maintained?
  • How blended learning solutions have matured from first early adopters to being ready for training provider delivery

As the world begins to open up, share what you’ve learnt in the past 24 months and together with GWO we can build a fuller picture of best practice safety training for the future. It’s been a while- so there’s lots to catch up on!