January 28, 2019

Gap training now available for SGRE ART courses

ART/Merit licence holders can now train the gaps in SGRE's advanced rescue course

A merit assessment of technicians working at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy has been completed. The assessment relates to the Advanced Rescue Training standard and means the following existing skills/training can now be merited by GWO training providers with a merit license and certificate to deliver ART modules.

  1. SGRE delegates with SGRE Advanced Rescue and Rescue Up will receive full merit for modules 1-4 of the ART standard
  2. SGRE delegates with SGRE Advanced Rescue only will get merit for GWO ART modules 1 and 3. GWO is not be able to give merit for modules 2 and 4, due to the     identified rescue up gap in modules 2 and 4 (please view our current Merit Tables on the Gap Application form for details).
  3. The rescue up gap in GWO ART module 2 may be covered by attending the GWO ART Refresher in two ways:
  • The delegate can either attend GWO ART module 2, refreshing this module individually OR
  • Go straight to the Combined ART refresher, refreshing to gain new records for all 4 modules. If module 2 is refreshed individually, closing the gap for module 4 will need normal training. The GWO ART Refresher contains the rescue up lessons. As such All holders of     SGRE Advanced Rescue are eligible to go straight to this course (without completing the main course). Delegates with prior SGRE Advanced Rescue Training attending GWO ART module 1 refresher will be awarded merit for module 3 at the same time. Such refresher training can be performed by any other GWO training provider holding a valid certification in the ART modules, which also holds a merit licence.