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Gap training is a way of filling in the relevant gaps in knowledge, skills and experiences.

GWO training providers can deliver gap training in specific circumstances, such as when a technician has a similar training to GWO standard and their employer or contracting party requires them to have a GWO certificate.

Several GWO member companies have reviewed their training against GWO standards. This process requires a ‘gap analysis’.

The results of these analyses are published below.

Why is gap training useful?

Training standards create a safer and more productive workforce. When more training is standardized, employers can recognize the validity of that training more efficiently and with greater certainty that the quality meets their own expectations.  

What courses can gap training be delivered against?

Gap training can currently be delivered for these existing training programmes. Upon completion, the delegate is awarded certificates for the appropriate modules.

Vestas Service D (Merits to Basic Technical Training)
Siemens Level 1-4 (Merits to Basic Technical Training)
Enercon (Electrical/Mechanical) (Merits to Basic Technical Training)
Siemens Advanced Rescue (Merits to Advanced Rescue Training) & Siemens Rescue Up Offshore (Merits to Advanced Rescue Training)

How long does a gap training take?

It depends on the gap! GWO training standards consist of predefined lesson timetables and learning objectives.

A similar training must be compared against the standard, using the GWO gap matrix. The result will show either a gap and that training should be delivered, or that there is no gap and the training can be merited to the GWO standard.

How can a training provider deliver gap training?

The training provider must apply for license to complete the training.

The application form includes the list of existing training courses against which a gap training can be provided, and the requirements a training provider must meet.