October 4, 2023

ACP Publishes Guidelines for Entry-level Wind Technician Training Following Collaboration with GWO

The guidelines were created in collaboration between ACP and Global Wind Organisation (GWO) and function as a US-specific version of the GWO Entry Level Framework.

The American Clean Power Association (ACP), which represents the renewable energy sector across the United States has published the ACP Guidelines for Entry-level Wind Technician Training, as a foundational document directing individuals and employers towards the appropriate training for different job profiles of wind technicians.

The goal of these guidelines is to provide a clear route for new entrants in the US into the wind industry and guide a person towards the appropriate training. The Entry-Level Wind Technician Guidelines establish a transparent and valid set of standardized skills for entry level technician roles in the operations and maintenance wind technicians for onshore and offshore wind facilities that meet the ANSI/ACP 5000- 2 Wind Technician Entry-Level Minimum Standard.

Josh Rogers, Director of Safety, Workforce Training, and Operations at American Clean Power, said:

“The workforce is the backbone of the American Clean Energy transformation. In developing a level playing field for educational institutions, training providers, and employers we must have a training standard that can create options as we grow the workforce. Though this is a major piece, it also underscores that competency is not gained through training alone, but through training combined with experience and competency evaluations that move the industry forward together with safe and effective workers.”

To develop the guidelines, ACP established a working group from leading ACP member organizations. With the help of the GWO training development team, the working group performed a gap analysis comparing the GWO portfolio to minimum training requirements outlined in the ANSI/ACP 5000- 2 Wind Technician Entry-Level Minimum Standard.  Additionally, the working group members considered common new technician training that could be completed prior to hire, creating a comprehensive training package that can be accomplished within a company’s own in-house training program, or via training partners, community colleges, or trade schools.

Wesley Witt, Director of HSSE for RWE Clean Energy and the Chair of the GWO North America Committee, added:

“This guideline will help the GWO training providers in the US market to know what to include as a full training package to meet the industry’s needs, rather than offering a few pieces of the puzzle. We are excited to see how this will help training providers and community colleges develop the workers our industry needs today and into the future.”  

To download the Guidelines: https://cleanpower.org/resources/guidelines-for-entry-level-wind-technician-training/