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Enhanced First Aid Refresher Standard

Version 5
May 2, 2023
Enhanced First Aid Standard Refresher

The EFAR training shall enable participants to support and care for others working in the industry by possessing the knowledge, skills, and ability of enhanced first aid. Upon completion of the GWO EFA training, participants will be able to administer safe, effective, and immediate lifesaving and enhanced first aid measures to save life and give assistance in remote areas using advanced emergency equipment and medical teleconsultation.

Click here to download the PDF of the Enhanced First Aid Refresher Standard Version 5.

The aim of this EFA-R module is to to refresh current EFA skills through theoretical and practical training so that participants can administer safe and effective enhanced first aid in the wind industry.

This training standard should be read alongside GWO's Requirements for Training. Download the Requirements for Training here.

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No earlier versions of the Enhanced First Aid Refresher are valid.