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Control of Hazardous Energies Standard

Version 3
December 4, 2023
Control of Hazardous Energies Standard

Hazardous energies pose a high risk of injury to all workers working within the wind industry. One of the reasons for this is that hazardous energies are found in various forms within the wind turbine environment and within the environment of a wind farm. The standard comprises of three modules:

CoHE Basic Safety

CoHE Electrical Safety

CoHE Pressure Fluid Safety

Click here to download PDF file of the Control of Hazardous Energies Training Standard Version 3.

The GWO CoHE Standard will enable participants to manage the risks related to hazardous energies in the wind industry and act safely when in the vicinity of hazardous energies or when working on systems and equipment containing hazardous energies.

This standard should be read alongside GWO's Requirements for Training. Download the Requirements for Training here.

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Download PDFDownload CoHE V3

The earlier version of CoHE V2 will remain valid to 4 May 2024. Download CoHE V2 here